University of Colorado, Boulder
Spring 2016

I created a new special studio class that explored multi-dimensional drawing practice. Alongside a series of contextual seminars I set the students the assignment of creating a collaborative drawing exhibition at the Jensdotter gallery off campus. The group devised of an exhibition called Battle for Boulder which imagined a near future scenario where four rival gangs: the Tumbleweeds, the Englightened, the Nerds and the Cyclists battled it out for the last patch of available land in Boulder. The exhibition was made up of collaborative illustrations by the class and submissions from the public.

Image titles: Battle for Boulder, Drawing off the Page Collective, Jensdotter Gallery, May 2016




University of Colorado, Boulder
2015 – ongoing

I organise a series of guest lectures and workshops by visiting artists and designers for MFA students at Colorado University.

The visiting design duo The Extrapolation Factory paired up students with on-going climate research at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). In a rapid prototyping workshop the students developed a series of speculative tools and instruments proposing a focus for NCAR research in the future.

VA1.1 VA3 VA2
Extrapolated Center for Atmospheric Research




Gold Hill Primary School, Colorado
2015 – ongoing

A lecture and workshop series that brings visiting artists and designers into a public elementary school to work with 5-10 year olds.

The designers Chris Woebken and Elliott Montgomery ran a workshop with the children asking them to create advertisements for future products what could tackle climate change scenarios.

Don’t Eat Your Veg Play With It!

Printmakers Sam Cikauskas and Roberta Casile held a talk and workshop for students where they were able to experiment with vegetable ink and make food related prints.




11 – 21 November 2014
University of Colorado  &  CU Art Museum, Boulder

The Curatorial Clinic was a program of events that explored the world of contemporary curating. A drop-in clinic was set up where visitors and students could stop by and seek advice from curators about a range of creative problems. Local and international curators where on hand and via virtual appointments offering curatorial consultancy services. Visitors to the clinic were also encouraged to take part in a label writing competition for ambiguous objects.

CC1 PastedGraphic-2 AP label3